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Our values

Customer focus

We genuinely care about our customers’ needs, we recognise those needs are unique to them and we are aware of our role in our customers’ success. We are committed to developing customer relationships that are true partnerships and we empower our staff to do what is necessary to keep our customers’ wheels turning.

WG Davies - Customer Focus
WG Davies - Integrity


We do the right things in the right way, crucially this means we keep our promises and ensure all legal and compliance standards are met.


For us this means having respect for each other, our customers and of course all the people we work with at MAN Truck & Bus.

WG Davies - Respect
WG Davies - Team spirit

Team spirit

We want people to enjoy coming to work for WG Davies. The investments made over the past years have helped create a work environment within which we can truly work together, have each others’ backs and be the very best we can be at work.


We will go above and beyond expectations and refuse to compromise, always look for solutions and be motivated to reach the next level.

WG Davies - Determination