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Customer testimonials

Learn how we work in genuine partnerships with our customers, understanding their unique needs and going the extra mile, to help them keep their promises.

Here’s what our customers say about the service they get from WG Davies:


Castell Howell Foods

Martin Jones, Director of Transport Operations

“WG Davies support us with warranty back up, technical advice, diagnostics and parts. The MAN product has served us well but crucially, the support when we have needed it from WG Davies has been there. The team at WG Davies is professional and personal, in the rare times that we have asked them for help, they have gone out of their way for us. This is testament to the way they look after their customers, it shows that even if you haven’t got a regular presence in their work shop, they will still do what is required and that in turn allow us to look after our customers.”

Customer - Castell Howell
Customer - Certas Energy

Certas Energy

Richard King, Senior Transport Manager

“WG Davies have worked to understand what we need and our relationship has got stronger over time. I think the fact that it is a family business helps, they take responsibility for doing whatever it takes to keep my vehicles on the road and avoid downtime. It's not a supplier / customer relationship, it's a true partnership. They genuinely work with us and crucially, WG Davies give me consistency; consistently high quality of work and consistently great communication.”


Alison Thomas, Transit Point Manager

"We have always felt that our reputation is in safe hands when we deal with WG Davies. The relationship goes back decades and I can honestly say they have never let us down. We originally sent MAN vehicles to them and they did such a good job with those, that we now send our other makes to them as well, using both Cardiff and Swansea depots. We have really tested them in the past with requests for unexpected support and they have always offered a solution, with excellent communication, a real understanding of our business needs. Everyone at WG Davies has shown a genuine sense of care for us that is more in line with a partnership than customer/supplier relationship."

Customer - GXO
Customer - Gerry Jones

Gerry Jones Transport

Gerry and Nathan Jones

“We have a long-established partnership with WG Davies, they have been good to us for many, many years. We have our own work shop and they are our source of MAN parts because we like to use original parts. In addition, there are times when we need technical back up as well and the service team is excellent. WG Davies is integral to keeping our customer confidence and we know they will go the extra mile for us.”


Ryan Waite, Fleet Manager

“Inter-Haul has enjoyed a close working relationship with WG Davies for more than 15 years. Over that time we have weathered recessions, Brexit, a pandemic and ongoing driver shortages, but despite these challenges our relationship with WG Davies has only grown stronger. “The quality of the work done on our vehicles is always of the highest standard. So much so that there is no one else I would trust with the maintenance of our fleet of over 45 MAN vehicles. Whether it’s a 6 weekly PMI Inspection, an MOT, or an unscheduled 4am callout, WG Davies has never failed to deliver. Due to our long working relationship, WG Davies truly appreciate the crucial role that Inter-Haul plays in the Pallet-Track Network and they understand the impact of having vehicles off the road. Almost without exception, our vehicles are inspected or repaired either the same-day or overnight, and when this is not possible, the communication from WG Davies to ourselves allows us to plan accordingly. “It is only with close working relationships, absolute trust and the truly excellent quality of work that we get from WG Davies that Inter-Haul is able to offer our own customers a delivery performance of 99.8% - without the full support of the team at WG Davies this wouldn’t be possible.”

Customer - Inter-haul
Customer - Kaymac Marine

Kaymac Marine

Rhiannon Crees-Moore, Business Development & Marketing

“WG Davies go above and beyond for us, it's a very personal service. We don't feel like a customer, it is more like we partner with them. We've got our own workshop here but if we can't fix something, or if it’s under warranty it goes to WG Davies and from day one they have never let us down. They always want to help us and we are really impressed with them. Great customer service is based on excellent communication, as well as being honest and transparent. That is what we get from WG Davies, it is the way we operate, just doing what we say we will do and doing it right first time.”

Owens Group

Eurof Owen, Commercial Director

“We have been working with WG Davies for over 30 years now, they have always been a dependable partner and we hope they will be for many years to come. Their staff offer expertise that is second to none and we know they will try to do their very best for us at all times. It works well, which is why I call it a partnership; WG Davies work hard to keep our trucks on the road, to keep them reliable and to keep us compliant. Without them we would not be able to do what we do.”

Customer - Owens Group
Customer - Runtech


Peter Miles, General Manager

“We moved to MAN because of the service from WG Davies.  They do what they say they will do and if we have got a problem, we work it out together, they are good people and they have stood in our corner to fight our cause in the past.  When the chips were down, they were on our side – it is a really strong relationship forged over time. We need them to deliver their promises, we need to know that we have that support which will allow us to fulfil our commitments to our customers, and from day one of dealing with WG Davies we have had that confidence.  They understand how we work and they will go the extra mile when they need to.  I can’t think of a time when they have let us down.”