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Hazardous goods

WG Davies specialist road tanker and trailer servicing and repairs.

WG Davies - Hazardous Goods


With fully equipped petroleum workshops in Cardiff and Tenby, WG Davies can provide expert support throughout South Wales.  Each depot offers technicians who have completed specialist training, with access to the latest technology and tools to offer a full range of services.

Hazardous goods services offered

Cardiff and Tenby depots only.

  • Test and certify road tankers (UKAS Accredited)*

  • Issuing safe loading passes (SLP0029) (Both gas and petroleum from Tenby)

  • Vapour tightness testing*

  • Intermediate tank testing*

  • Periodic ADR hydraulic tank test*


*Services offered through an approved supplier on site at WG Davies depot.



WG Davies - Hazardous Goods