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Customer care policy

WG Davies customer care



The Customer Care Policy is written with the objective of ensuring WG Davies customers receive consistently excellent service every time they entrust us to support them.



Providing truly excellent service to our customers should be nothing short of an obsession for us. We want our customers to feel that we look after them as if they were a member of the WG Davies family every time they visit or contact us. Underpinning that aim is the need to be respectful, understanding and flexible in accommodating our customer needs. We also need to be the expert in what we do but, critically, personal in how we do it, as well as striving to go the extra mile for a customer in need. That means working to truly understand our customers’ business and their needs, so that we can work with them to help them be successful.

We empower key members of staff to take decisions quickly to make things right. There is a no blame culture at WG Davies – so long as the intention is good in respect of looking after our customers, then we know the decision will be sound.

Our values summarised below and detailed here (link) inform everything we do and how we do it:

  • Customer Focus: we genuinely care about our customers’ needs
  • Integrity: we keep our promises and ensure all legal and compliance standards are met
  • Respect: we have for each other, our customers and the people at MAN Truck & Bus
  • Team Spirit: we want people to enjoy coming to work for WG Davies
  • Determination: we will go above and beyond expectations and refuse to compromise



This policy applies to everyone who works at WG Davies because everyone has responsibility for creating an exceptional customer service culture. That includes those who directly come into contact with customers and those who support staff in customer facing roles – a shared passion for delivering excellent customer service should be something we all embrace.

Customer Service Indexing: CSI is an ongoing programme where an independent company interviews all of our customers at least once every year. During an unscripted conversation, customers are probed about their experience; what we have done well and crucially what we could do to improve the service, before they are asked to rate key performance indicators (KPIs) for parts and service.

This programme has been ongoing since 2009 and to date over 2,000 customer interviews have been completed.

Great customer service will be key to the success of any business but it is a journey, not a destination. If there is anything you feel we could or should do better, please let us know by either talking directly to your line manager or through the annual staff survey.