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Ethical employment policy

The purpose of this policy is to set out our commitment to ethical employment practices and to ensure that our services are delivered by a workforce that is treated legally, fairly and safely and is well-rewarded.


We have appointed an Anti-Slavery and Ethical Employment Champion.

The policy covers the following areas:

  • Modern Slavery and Human Rights

  • Blacklisting

  • False self-employment

  • Unfair use of umbrella schemes and zero hours contracts

  • Anti-Bribery

This policy should be read in conjunction with our Equality Policy and Public Interest (Disclosure) Policy.

Modern Slavery and Human Rights Abuses

WG Davies is committed to the creation of long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders and believe that upholding fundamental human rights and ensuring decent working conditions is a prerequisite for achieving such results.  We uphold the protection of these rights in all our operations and seek to promote respect for the same principles by others over whom we have an influence, particularly our contractors, suppliers and all other entities and individuals with whom we have a business relationship.  

Our full modern Slavery Policy can be read here

Anti Bribery

We are committed to applying the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in our business activities.  Every employee and individual acting on the organisation's behalf is responsible for maintaining the organisation's reputation and for conducting company business honestly and professionally.

We consider that bribery and corruption have a detrimental impact on business by undermining good governance and distorting free markets. 

We benefit from carrying out business in a transparent and ethical way and helping to ensure that there is honest, open and fair competition.  Where there is a level playing field, we can lead the market through innovation and by delivering excellent services and products to our customers.

Transparent, fair conduct helps to foster deeper relationships of trust between us and our business partners and customers.  It is vital for the organisation's reputation and future growth.

WG Davies does not tolerate any form of bribery, whether direct or indirect, by, or of, its employees, officers, agents or consultants or any persons or companies acting for it or on its behalf.  The board and senior management are committed to implementing and enforcing effective systems throughout the organisation to prevent, monitor and eliminate bribery, in accordance with the Bribery Act 2010.

We have an anti-bribery policy outlining our position on preventing and prohibiting bribery.  The anti-bribery policy applies to all employees, as well as agency workers, consultants and contractors.  All employees and other individuals acting for the organisation are required to familiarise themselves and comply with the organisation's anti-bribery policy. 

A bribe is a financial advantage or other reward that is offered to, given to, or received by an individual or company (whether directly or indirectly) to induce or influence that individual or company to perform public or corporate functions or duties improperly.

Employees and others acting for or on behalf of WG Davies are strictly prohibited from making, soliciting or receiving any bribes or unauthorised payments.

As part of our anti-bribery measures, we are committed to transparent, proportionate, reasonable and bona fide hospitality and promotional expenditure.  Such expenditure must be authorised in advance, in accordance with our procedures.

A breach of the anti-bribery policy by an employee will be treated as grounds for disciplinary action, which may result in a finding of gross misconduct and immediate dismissal.  Employees and other individuals acting for the organisation should note that bribery is a criminal offence that may result in up to 10 years' imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine for the individual and an unlimited fine for the organisation.

We will not conduct business with service providers, agents or representatives that do not support our anti-bribery objectives.  We reserve the right to terminate our contractual arrangements with any third parties acting for, or on behalf of, WG Davies with immediate effect where there is evidence that they have committed acts of bribery.

The success of our anti-bribery measures depends on all employees and those acting for the organisation, playing their part in helping to detect and eradicate bribery.  Therefore, all employees and others acting for, or on behalf of, WG Davies are encouraged to report any suspected bribery in accordance with the procedures set out in the anti-bribery policy.  We will support any individuals who make such a report, provided that it is made in good faith.


We have made a commitment in our Equality and Recruitment Policies that we will recruit and promote employees on the basis of merit.  Blacklisting is the unlawful practice of compiling information on employees on their trade union activity and related activities in order to discriminate against them.  

We are a disability confident committed employer.

Any WG Davies employee who is found to be operating such a list will be committing an act of gross misconduct which may lead to their dismissal.

We encourage employees to be accompanied at formal meetings by a trade union representative and to join a trade union.

Our Commitment

We have committed to becoming an employer of choice through the operation of fair and equitable employment policies.  We have committed to:

  • Ensuring that all employees have access to training and development opportunities  

  • Promoting equal opportunities for all and becoming a Disability Confident Committed employer

  • Providing stable employment, avoiding inappropriate use of zero-hour contracts and umbrella employment firms

  • Encouraging membership of a recognised trade union and ensuring workforce engagement through regular employee meetings and social activities

  • Ensuring awareness of this policy by discussing it regularly in team meetings and making it available through our shared IT files


Any employee, contractor or consultant who is concerned about unlawful activity should report their concerns in the first instance to a Director of the Company in accordance with our Public Interest (Whistleblowing) Disclosure Policy.

Review and Monitoring

We will ensure compliance with this policy through regular reviews at senior management meetings.