We are very proud to announce that in this year’s MAN dealer awards, WG Davies in Swansea received the gold award for their performance in 2016.

This is a huge achievement and is testament to the consistent hard work from the team there. 

Just five dealers across the entire UK network were able to maintain the level of excellence required to earn this award, which required 100% achievement of the seven UTP KPIs, across all four quarters of the year. This means that Swansea nailed the minimum MOT pass rate and PMI slippage target, they owned and attended all the Mobile 24 calls, carried out all oil drains and uploaded documents to E-Workshop on time throughout the entire year, without one slip. 

We know the team at Swansea deserve this recognition but it is still nice to get it from MAN! And with Cardiff taking a very creditable silver award (again one of only five awarded across the network), missing gold only because they did not hit the MOT pass rate in Q1 of 2016. Credit to Cardiff as they have achieved the gold award for the last 4 years and only missed out this year by a minor fault. It would not be unreasonable to aim for us to be celebrating two gold awards this time next year.