A further part of the on-going investment plans for the WG Davies dealerships across South Wales, the Swansea depot now offers a new inclined wash bay that’s been erected to deliver a more convenient and secure ways to clean trucks and trailers.

Roger Davies, Managing Director of WG Davies explains, “Since 2020 we have been on track to upgrade all of our franchised dealerships with new and exciting equipment. From new MOT and Wash Bays, to new tools and computerised diagnostics equipment and staff training.

The future of transport will undoubtedly be based on new technologies and new electronic systems, it’s vital that we equip our depots and people with the right facilities to deliver quality servicing and aftersales support for our growing customer base.”

The introduction of the latest award-winning MAN truck range, the new MAN TGE van range – now with the eTGE electric variant has seen the WG Davis dealerships grow in all areas of South Wales. The importance of on-going investment to ensure long term quality support is crucial in in these challenging times.

WG Davis has a proud history of supporting operators of all shapes and sizes, this latest investment plan will ensure our history in the transport support field continues positively across South Wales.

Swansea depot now offers a new inclined wash bay, Swansea depot now offers a new inclined wash bay